These 20-song playlists (well, all except one, and that one is special) are assembled according to my personal song collection and taste. Song lists appear below each playlist!

Jam Like Mom

I lost my mom on April 25th, 2017, after a long and painful battle with multiple illnesses. In her honor and memory, I created this 15-song playlist, which I used as music for her Celebration of Life on April 27th--I wanted people to know her through her favorite music.

Perfect Party

I love it when I'm at a party and the music is bumpin', but also appropriate for all ages to enjoy. In this playlist, I was aiming for good dancing tunes from many different eras and styles of music, to motivate just about anyone to get up and join the party.

Diamonds of D-flat

Since D-flat/C-sharp is my favorite key to hear music in, I couldn't help but make a 20-song playlist showcasing it. It is a tremendously versatile key, and I absolutely adore it for its depth, mystery, and sparkle.

Love Songs

In this playlist, I mostly focused on selecting beautifully constructed, happy and/or committed love songs to uplift and remind us of happy times. I think no matter who you love or how long you've loved them, these songs will speak to you!

Angsty Songs

Each of the songs in this list ache with sorrows--heartbreak, grief, and regret. You might not cry with every song in this list, but at least one of them will bring forth a catharsis you didn't know you needed.

Video Game Music

These songs are my favorites from various video games I've either played or watched (in the case of Dance Dance Revolution and Beatmania, definitely the latter, LOL!). So often, video game music gets discounted as "not real music," but I think this playlist proves that argument wrong!