Thank you for visiting this little site! I hope you've enjoyed this brief tour of my musical taste, and hopefully you've discovered some new favorite songs along the way. Below are just a few last bits of information:


I do not own any of the music featured here--I am simply a big fan of music, and where possible I have linked to the artist's/record label's official videos and channels to play the individual songs in their totality. I am grateful to each of the artists represented here for creating such awesome music that I can enjoy on a daily basis.


I am a young woman in my thirties, having grown up as a child of the 80s and 90s. My father's taste in 50s/60s "oldies" music heavily influenced me, as did my mother's taste in 60s/70s rock and pop, but I've also studied many other forms of music all through school, both as a piano student learning hymns and classical pieces, and as a choral music student singing sacred and secular music in many different languages. I am also drawn to the music of video games, being a pretty big gamer still, and I love dance, trance, and electronic music as well, having explored those genres heavily during my college years (my first exposure to constant fast internet). Currently, I compose piano solos and piano/vocal music, and I've had absolute pitch since I can remember.

I buy and enjoy music by the song rather than by the artist or album; I'm picky about the music I like, so I only buy the songs that truly speak to me. But there are very few genres I wouldn't explore! (I haven't gotten into the surrealist atonal music of the early 20th century, nor have I learned to appreciate the slide guitar and heavily acoustic treble sounds which are popular in country music, but I'm still trying to expand my taste, LOL!)